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The 10 Books you shoud read in your lifetime.

The 10 Books you shoud read in your lifetime.
  1. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

  3. Animal Farm by George Orwell

  4. Lord of the Flies by William Golding

  5. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

  6. The Harry Potter series by J K Rowling

  7. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

  8. The Phantom Toll Booth by Norton Juster

  9. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

  10. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Law of Attraction Workshop

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Workshop Event

When we wake this morning, and inevitably check your notifications before you get out of bed, why not make a resolution to think of something positive before your day starts, those notification will still be there in 5 mins! Why not use the moment you wake up to set the tone of your day, and be grateful for what you have achieved and what you have to look forward to today. How can you shape your future today ? how can you effect someones day in a positive way? what do you bring to the universe today to show your thanks…….. GOOD MORNING FRIEND! X (By Sally Hilton)

How to: Cold Steeped Tea

Quick and easy way to steep iced tea for the next day. This method also helps to take the edge off of black tea.

Tea With Kayla

Good afternoon Steepers!

As you know spring is trying really hard to make an appearance for the year (at least here in Ontario) so to get things rolling on the tea front I’m ging to give you an easy how to for how I cold steep tea. Cold steeping? What is that you ask? Well its basically steeping tea with cold water instead of hot water. I like to use this method especially for flavoured white or green teas because they don’t burn or get bitter.

What you need
  1. A container to steep in. I prefer mason jars (500mL or 1L jars) but a carafe, pitcher or teapot would also work.
  2. Fresh water. Filtered or distilled is preferable.
  3. Tea of choice. Herbal, fruit infusions or flavoured white or green work best.
  4. Infusing device optional (will explain). Filter bags, water infuser in a pitcher or teapot or a tea ball or…

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Getting More Out of Life

Most of us feel sad or annoyed or lacking in some way at one time or another. Our society continually shows us that we are too fat, don’t drive the right car, aren’t eating the right foods, don’t have the right house, job or wardrobe. There are also other forces that contribute to this. A loved one may be sick or loss of a job or family problems. We also have our own inner voice that tells us we need something more to be happy. The truth is, we are in complete control of our lives. We choose to pay attention to things that either make us happy or not. There are several ways to get out of this pattern.

Attachment: Buddha tells us attachment is the root of suffering. If we do not feel attached, then the loss of these things cannot make us unhappy. While this is true, it is difficult to practice. Perhaps learning to let go of things beyond our control is one way to be happier.

Gratitude: Take stock in what we do have. Look at how 80% of the world really lives. Having a roof over your head, non contaminated food, clean water, adequate clothing and just the basic necessities of life are a not available to so many. Count your blessings. Write a list of all the good things in your life. Really, sit down and get out a paper and pen and make this list. It can be humbling to look at what we really do have.

Take action: How many times have you heard yourself say “I can’t.” Remove this phrase from you vocabulary and start using positive words. This has more of a psychological effect that you may realize. Get out another piece of paper and start this project. Write down the goal you have set. Perhaps it is to get a better job or finish school or buy a house or just paint the garage. Write down the ultimate goal at the top of the page. Now, make a list of all the steps required to accomplish this goal. Using paint the garage as an example, your list might look like this: Paint the Garage – 1. Choose a color 2. buy paint. 3. buy brushes and rollers. 4. empty all the contents…..and so on. Now start each day by accomplishing one item on the list. If you run into a snag you can create a new list to accomplish the task. For instance, you may not have the money to buy the materials, but by skipping to number 4 you realize how much junk you have so hold a garage sale and get rid of some things you don’t need and use the money to buy the materials!

Whatever your roadblock is, just keep working toward your goal. Make sure to do something toward the goal every day, no matter how small. If one step is too much, break that down into smaller steps. Just keep moving forward.

Be confident: Fear will hold you back so surround yourself with positive people and those that support you and your dreams. It can make all the difference. But remember, in the end, you must do it for yourself.

We would love to hear some feedback. Let us know how you are able to overcome the hurdles in life.

Dates to remember October 2013

Three Great Author Events:

Oct. 12th 3-5 pm The Vesuvius Isotope – Kristin Elise – Mystery and hidden symbology in Egypt, Pompeii and an ancient cure for…..

Oct. 26 4-6pm The Fire Outside My Window – Sandra Millers Younger – The 10th anniversary of the Cedar Fire

Oct. 30 6pm – Ghost Hunting, Southern California – Sally Richards – More than just a book signing. Find out about real ghosts just in time for Halloween!

Moon Phases, Oct. 2013

New moon October 4, 2013

First quarter October 11, 2013

Full moon October 18, 2013

Last quarter October 26, 2013


Oct 1 – World Vegetarian Day

Oct 6 – Mad Hatter Day

Oct 9 – Leif Erikson Day

Oct 14 – Columbus Day

Oct 25 – Frankenstein Friday

Oct 31 – Halloween

Scheduled this Month

Mondays Jasmine – Reiki Healer ($20) 10-12

Tuesdays 10-5 Kelly – Psychic Medium ($30)

Wednesdays 12-4 Ruth – Spiritual Practitioner / Card Reading ($25)

Fridays 10-12 Jasmine – Reiki Healer ($20) Kelly – Psychic Medium by appt. ($30)

Saturdays 12-4 Rachael – Psychic/Medium and Card Reading($25)

Sundays Guest Readers. Call ahead.

October Events

  • Friday, October 4th – 10:30 am Falun Dafa with Miles – Free
  • Wednesday, October 9th – 6:30pm Meditation Demystified with Nina ($10)
  • Thursday, October 10th – 7pm Free Small Business marketing workshop with Lezley  Free
  • Saturday, October 12th 3-5 pm – Book Signing – Kristen Elise – The Vesuvius Isotope
  • Saturday, October 12th 6:00 pm – Bunco at the Bookstore ($5)
  • Friday, October 18th 6:00 pm – Full Moon Ceremony and labyrinth Walk at Sacred Circles Hilltop Call for info.
  • Saturday, October 26th 4-6pm – Book Signing with Sandra Millers Younger – A Fire Outside My Windows – Anniversary of the Cedar Fire
  • Wednesday, October 30th 3pm – Author Event – Sally Richards – Ghosthunting in California

* Space is limited for Classes. Please sign up early.

Schedule subject to change so check our website and Face Book page for updates.

Coming Up!

November 9th – Joyce Strand – Author of the Jillian Hillcrest mysteries will be launching her new book!

TBA – Elf on the Shelf party!